Hilton Head Fishing Charters

Information on outstanding fishing charters in the Hilton Head Island, Daufuskie Island, Palmetto Bluff, and Bluffton, South Carolina area. Hilton Head fishing is the finest in the lowcountry!

There are a variety of options for Hilton Head fishing charters, and the best choice for you depends on what type of fishing you'd like to do, the size, composition, and experience of your group, and the location you'd prefer exploring with your professional fishing guide.
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The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.
John Buchan

Hilton Head Fishing Charters by On-Water Location

When discussing charters it's important to clarify certain "location" terms. Please be aware that different fishing charters might apply the same terms to totally different experiences. It's best to clarify exactly what they mean and be sure it is appropriate for your group.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Inshore fishing in Hilton Head includes the tidal creeks, sounds (think "small bay"), and the nearshore region off the beach typically still within sight of land.

Generally, inshore fishing charters are on boats for up to 6 passengers, plus the captain, but some captains may prefer smaller groups in certain circumstances. It's wise to not overcrowd a boat for the best fishing experience.
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Flats Fishing Charters

Flats fishing is a specialized type of "inshore" fishing. Flats Boats offer an excellent opportunity for coastal marsh fishing. Typically setup for 1-2 people fishing, plus a guide, a flats boat charter is the most personalized guided charter fishing available. Sight casting opportunities for Redfish and Trout are numerous, among other species depending on season. Flats boat fishing guides tend to be among the most experienced, seasoned captains in the business. Likewise, due to the experience required to operate an excellent flats boat guiding service, they are also few and far between. The charters listed here are outstanding guides with many years fishing Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Lowcountry waters.

"Deep Sea" Fishing

The term "Deep Sea" Fishing is thrown about rather loosely. In Hilton Head, "Deep Sea" could be used to describe any deepwater fishing, whether it's technically inshore, nearshore, or offshore. In fact, the closest deep holes to Hilton Head are primarily inshore by definition, with certain hotspots that are 50'-70' deep being just a stones throw from land on the backcountry side of the island.

Just because it's "deep" doesn't necessarily mean "fish are there," but it's important to understand where and how you'll be fishing. One charter company might throw about the term "Deep Sea" Fishing when referring to a 3-4 hour trip that may not venture beyond the mouth of Port Royal Sound, while another captain might refer to "Deep Sea" when talking about Gulf Stream fishing 80 miles out on a 12 hour trip… The difference is substantial. One is appropriate for a 10 year old, the other is not.

We suggest you not use the term "Deep Sea" at all, and discuss the specific areas you will be fishing and intended target species.

Offshore Fishing Charters

A true Offshore Fishing Charter is a serious adventure not for the faint of heart.

Similar to the phrase "Deep Sea," the term "Offshore" can mean different things to different people.

"Offshore" doesn't mean fishing from the shore, or even just off the shore. True Offshore fishing is ocean-specific, beyond the nearshore coastal region.

By default, a 4 hour "Offshore" fishing charter will mean you're staying fairly close to land, within the first few miles away from the beach, but still in the nearshore vicinity and typically in sight of land. If it were any more than that, you'd spend the whole time getting there and back, rather than fishing!

5 miles from the dock does not equate to 5 miles offshore.

To get to offshore wrecks and reefs in the 5-25 mile range, you'll probably want a 6 or 8 hour trip that offers plenty of fishing time, relative to travel time.

Gulf Stream offshore fishing is a distant 60-80 miles out, where targets like Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and Wahoo are found. In Hilton Head, a Gulf Stream trip means launching at 3 or 4 in the morning, in order to start fishing by first light. Expect 12+ hours for this kind of trip.

Featured Guides:

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Capt. Blair Willis

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Capt. John Werner

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Capt. Travis Meissner

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Hilton Head Fishing Charters by Target Species

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Hilton Head Red Fishing

A year round target for Hilton Head is the Redfish (Red Drum). The younger Reds in the "keeper" range of 15"-23" can be found in the creeks, flats, and oyster reef areas of the tidal salt marsh around Hilton Head Island.

Larger "Bull" Reds visit inshore occasionally, and are most likely to be found in late Summer / early Fall in a few specific areas where they are believed to gather for breeding. Outside of this, you'll see them occasionally around artificial wrecks and reefs offshore throughout the rest of the year.

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Shark Fishing in Hilton Head

One of the most popular targets, especially if you're looking for consistent action during the warm water months.

In the tidal creeks you'll find Bonnethead, Sharpnose, and Blacktip sharks. Larger species such as Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Hammerheads also visit the inshore region, but tend to stick to deep areas around Port Royal Sound or Calibogue Sound, and of course the open ocean.

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Cobia Fishing Charters

The waters between Hilton Head Island, Bay Point Island, and Parris Island are part of perhaps the largest inshore spawning area of Cobia in the southeast US. Every Spring, thousands of chocolate "brownies" migrate inshore to breed. The males of the species are smaller, in the 10-30 pound range, and the females can easily double that and more.

Offshore, the artificial wrecks and reefs in the 10-20 mile range in particular offer some of the best Cobia fishing in the world. Anglers benefit from clear waters where sight casting to cobia can be either frustrating or exhilarating, depending on the mood of the fish. When the bite is on, it's amazing!

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Complete Listing of Hilton Head Fishing Charters:
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  • A Live One
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    A Live One

    Freeman 29 — Capt. Blair Willis

    A professional waterman since 1996, Capt. Blair guides inshore and offshore fishing trips for all species. His charter fishing boats are A Live One, a Freeman 29 catamaran, and Stingray, a Yellowfin 17 Skiff.
  • Cool Cat

    Cool Cat

    27' Cape Horn

    Capt. Chris Prince

    Join Capt. Chris aboard his 27' Cape Horn with twin Yamaha outboards and have some fun on the water! Cobia, Sharks, and Redfish are some of the primary targets at different times of the year, and Cool Cat will put you in the right spot for the best opportunity to catch 'em up! HiltonHeadIslandFishing.net
  • Hammerhead
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    Live Oac's Hammerhead

    25' FJ&S SportFish — Capt. Travis Meissner

    Hammerhead™ is Live Oac's 25' SportFish guided by Capt. Travis Meissner, who has been leading trips with Hilton Head's Live Oac for nearly a decade. Specialties include redfish and shark fishing in Port Royal and Calibogue Sounds, and yes, Hammerheads are not uncommon when you're fishing with Captain Travis!
  • Outcast

    Outcast Sport Fishing

    26' Glacier Bay

    Capt. Chip Michalove

    The Outcast is a 26 foot Glacier Bay Catamaran powered by twin Yamaha outboards. Cats typically provide a softer ride on the water. The twin hulls cut through the waves minimizing the pounding and slapping of conventional monohulls. Capt. Chip Michalove is shark fishing specialist, and has caught and released more Great White Sharks than any other Hilton Head Island charter captain! OutcastFishing.com
  • Polecat Sportfishing

    Polecat Sportfishing

    27' Pro Sports Catamaran

    Capt. Jon "Gumbo" DeLoach

    Captain "Gumbo" has fished Hilton Head since the early 80s, and brings his experience as both a charter captain and a multiple tournament winner to you on a charter aboard Polecat. PoleCatCharters.com
  • Reelin'

    Reelin' Charters

    33' Hydra Sport

    Capt. Marc Pincus

    Capt. Marc Pincus brings his years of charter and tournament fishing experience to guests aboard a 33' Hydra Sport with TRIPLE Yamaha F250s to get you where you need to go fast and in comfort. Marc organizes the long running annual SC Wahoo Series and the Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout tournaments, and is a long time participant in SKA Kingfish Tournaments. His tournament-honed expertise is at your service aboard charters for various species inshore and offshore in Hilton Head. ReelinCharters.com
  • Runaway


    31' Custom Sportfish

    Capt. Bill Parker

    Capt. Bill Parker brings over 30 years of charter experience to you as his guests aboard the Runaway. At 31 feet long with a 12 foot beam, she's a smooth riding and comfortable sport fishing boat. RunawayFishingCharter.com
  • Stingray
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    Live Oac's Stingray

    Yellowfin 17 Skiff — Capt. John Werner

    Check out the flats and inshore waters with Capt. John Werner aboard Live Oac's Stingray. This Yellowfin 17 Skiff offers a fantastic ride and the ability to get into super skinny water where the redfish like to hide. Capt John's years of experience as a fishing guide and an athletic coach provide a perfect blend of talents for both beginning anglers and lifelong fishing fanatics. You'll have a blast with Capt. John on the Stingray.
  • Stray Cat Charters

    Stray Cat

    27' Power Catamaran

    Capt. Jim Clark

    Featuring quick access to the Hilton Head's north end fishing grounds, enjoy a quick and easy ride aboard the Stray Cat fishing for Hilton Head's best catch. StrayCatCharter.com
  • Sweet Pea Fishing

    Sweet Pea Fishing

    22' Glacier Bay

    Capt. John Brackett

    Capt. John Brackett is an experienced fishing charter captain as well as a professional photographer. Enjoy a great day of fishing on a comfortable riding cat boat with the latest electronics, tackle, and an enclosed head. Fish for species including Redfish, Seatrout, Sheepshead and more. SweetPeaFishing.com
  • More Hilton Head Fishing Charters…

    Awesome Adventure Charters

    23' Jones Brothers & 17' Ranger Skiff

    Capt. Kai Williams

    Private fishing charters with Awesome Adventure Charters include light tackle and fly fishing Hilton Head's inshore and nearshore waters. AwesomeAdventureCharters.com

    Bay Runner

    Pathfinder 2400

    Capt. Miles Altman

    Over 4 decades in the charter and seafood business, Capt. Miles brings a wealth of knowledge to your service aboard his Hilton Head fishing charters with Bayrunner. bayrunnerfishinghiltonhead.com


    32' Prowler Sportfish

    Capt. Christiaan Politzer

    A second generation charter fisherman, Capt. Christiaan brings a tremendous amount of experience to you aboard the Bulldog. Fish inshore or offshore for a variety of species including king mackerel, cobia, grouper, snapper, tarpon, and monster sharks. bulldogfishingcharters.com


    27' Pro Sports Catamaran

    Capt. Jim

    Decades of HHI fishing knowledge are at your service with Capt. Jim on the Catmandoo. Enjoy a Hilton Head fishing charter anywhere from a foot of water inshore to 100 miles out, there is something for everyone. HHIDeepSeaFishing.com

    Cleopatra Charters

    18' Hewes Bonefisher

    Capt. Jimmy Reese

    Capt. Jimmy Reese is one of Hilton Head's most experienced flats fishing charter captains, and he'd love to share that expertise with you on a Hilton Head Fishing Charter aboard Cleopatra. CleopatraCharters.com

    Fishin' Coach

    22' Century Bay Boat

    Capt. Dan Utley

    Captain Dan is an expert inshore fisherman with the patience to "Coach Up" beginning angler and the knowledge to challenge the experienced fisherman. FishinCoach.com

    Gullah Gal

    34' Crusader Fly Bridge

    Capt. Jeff Kline

    Family fishing fun aboard the Gullah Gal departing Shelter Cove Marina for your next Hilton Head fishing charter. hiltonheadislandcharterfishing.com

    Honey B

    35' Bertram

    Capt. Jeff Kline

    Family fishing fun aboard Honey B departing Shelter Cove Marina for your next Hilton Head fishing charter. hiltonheadislandcharterfishing.com

    LoCo Fly Charters

    18' Maverick

    Capt. Mark Nutting

    Hop aboard LoCo Fly Charters' 18' Maverick skiff with Capt. Mark who is a fly fishing specialist. Beginners are welcome and light tackle is available as an alternative. LoCoFlyCharters.com


    23' Parker SE Sportfish

    Capt. Kent Bird

    Capt. Kent Bird is a native island local who started fishing in the early 70s. Benefit from his lifetime of Hilton Head fishing experience aboard the Megabite for a fantastic charter trip. MegabiteFishingHiltonHead.com

    Mighty Mako

    Custom 25' Center Console

    Capt. Dave Fleming

    Capt. Dave has over 20 years guiding experience and his resume includes thousands of satisfied and appreciative vacationing anglers. The Mighty Mako has a huge amount of fishing space, with a wide 9 foot beam. It's shallow 10 inch draft allows access to tight spots you can't reach in other boats, and this can make the difference in finding the fish. MightMako.com


    27' Key West & 19' Hewes Flats Boat

    Capt. Eric Moore

    Join Capt. Eric for a Hilton Head fishing charter inshore for cobia, trout, redfish, tarpon or sharks, or head offshore for an additional variety of species. Moneric.com

    Off The Hook

    21' Egret Flats Boat

    Capt. Bryan Vaughn

    Capt. Brian is a light tackle and fly fishing specialist with over 25 years experience guiding charters. OffTheHookCharters.com

    Papa Bear

    30' Sportfish

    Capt. Michael Perry

    Capt. Michael Perry is a third generation fishing guide who has been guiding Hilton Head fishing charters since the mid 90s. You'll enjoy a great experience inshore or offshore fishing with Papa Bear. papabearcharters.com

    Southern Spots

    Skeeter SX240

    Capt. Wes Chesnutt

    Capt. Wes will lead your Hilton Head fishing charter in search of inshore and nearshore targets like redfish, cobia, sharks and more. His custom bay boat has a tower for spotting fish and a bimini top for shade. southernsportsfishingcharters.com


    31' Custom Carolina

    Capt. Richard Pollitzer

    Enjoy a great ride, lots of fishing space, and the comfort of a full enclosure aboard Tallboy with Capt. Richard Pollitzer. tallboyfishingcharters.com

    Top Shot Sport Fishing

    31' Morgan

    Capt. Jay Prescott

    Enjoy a Hilton Head Fishing Charter with Capt. Jay Prescott aboard the Top Shot, a beautiful 1989 Morgan sport fishing boat powered by a Caterpillar turbo diesel. topshotsportfishing.com

    True Grits

    34' Fitz Fly Bridge

    Capt. Jeff Kline

    Family fishing fun aboard True Grits departing Shelter Cove Marina for your next Hilton Head fishing charter. hiltonheadislandcharterfishing.com
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